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Why choose sugaring over waxing?

  1. Sugaring is completely water soluble. Waxing can be very tricky to clan up.
  2. Sugar is bacteria resistant, whereas bacteria can bread in wax warmers.
  3. Sugaring does not stick to live skin cells, waxing does.
  4. Sugaring contains 100% natural ingredients, waxing contains chemical resin.
  5. Sugaring safely remove the hair from the follicle, waxing can results in hair breakage.
  6. Sugaring helps eliminate in-grown hairs, whereas waxing can cause them.
  7. Sugaring is safe for sensitive skin conditions, waxing is not safe for all skin types.
  8. Sugaring causes minimal discomfort and irritation, waxing can be painful and traumatising.
  9. Sugaring leaves your skin feeling soft, clean and comfortable, waxing leaves you feeling raw, uncomfortable and irritated.
  10. Sugaring produces superior, healthy, hairless results. Wax can cause long-term damage to cells.


N$ 145

Extended Bikini

N$ 220


N$ 290


N$ 320

Hollywood (front and back)

N$ 400

Full leg

N$ 320

Full Leg and Bikini

N$ 420

Half leg

N$ 210

Three Quarter Leg

N$ 200

Lip / Brow / Nose / Toe

N$ 200

Half Arm

N$ 50

Full arm

N$ 200


N$ 100

Back / Chest

N$ 300

Navel / Nipple Wax

N$ 70

Chin / Sides of Face

N$ 70