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pHformula includes active and effective skin resurfacing solutions for the treatment of typical signs of ageing like photo-ageing, pigment changes, dull sallow appearance, superficial and medium expression lines, acne and acne scarring.

pHformula skin resurfacing is an accelerated form of exfoliation that creates changes in the skin through 3 mechanisms.

  1. Stimulation of epidermal growth through removal of the stratum corneum.
  2. Destruction of specific layers of damaged skin and replacing them with healthy, normalised tissue.
  3. Activation of mediators of inflammation, inducing production of new collagen and gags in the dermis.

The founding blocks of the pHformula treatment system are based on the technology of regenerative medicine with the concept of creating controlled chemical skin resurfacing.

The action of controlled chemical skin resurfacing is totally different than conventional peeling. Peeling mainly causes skin exfoliation, whereas controlled resurfacing actively provokes an accelerated form of cell regeneration in the different layers of the skin, whilst trauma and superficial irritation is reduced.

Developed as a dermatological skin resurfacing system, pHformula successfully treats skin disorders such as:

  • ageing
  • hyper-pigmentation
  • acne
  • chronic redness

With continuous scientific-based research, the focus always remains on the development of innovative skin resurfacing treatments. All new treatment developments are based on the latest technology in regenerative medicine and are unlike anything else that has been introduced to the professional skincare market, giving the ideal opportunity to the skin care professional in achieving the best possible results.

Deep Cleanse

45 minutes

N$ 550

Chronic Redness & Inflammation Treatment

60 minutes

N$ 980

For the skin that suffers from chronic redness and sensitivity

Skin Resurfacing Treatment (Level 1)

60 minutes

N$ 800

Treats acne, fine lines & wrinkles through resurfacing

Add level 2 and an alginate Mask

60 minutes

N$ 1 100

Instant Firming Treatment

60 minutes

N$ 970

Designed for an instantly firmer and healthier looking skin an immediate improvement in the appearance of dynamic facial wrinkles.